19 Dec

Going a bit Rogue this Christmas

2018 has been a smashing year for Smith & Baxter. We’ve worked on Nordic Baking Books and Doggie Cookbooks, Lidos, chefs, Douglas Fir Vodka and some of the most beautiful photography books around – we celebrated 5 years with Hoxton Mini Press and even welcomed a new team member (our press assistant Sophie).

To usher in the New Year, we are very pleased to announce that we have a new brand joining the Smith & Baxter family…


Rogue Wines are a company that provide fresh, conveniently-boxed wines to make gifting and entertaining much more ingenious.

Not only are Rogue Wines utterly delicious, but every box is low in added sulphites, recyclable and vegan to boot. And their low-intervention approach does wonders for the hangover too!

We are very passionate to be working with these lot on an amazing and environmentally friendly product – and we very much look forward to seeing where the partnership will take us in the New Year 🍷

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