05 Jul

Chicken and Charcoal book tour to begin on July 10

Smith & Baxter are pleased to announce that Phaidon’s Yardbird Hong Kong tour will commence this Tuesday July 10. Events to celebrate the release of Matt Abergel’s greatly anticipated debut cookbook, Chicken and Charcoal, will include a rooftop barbeque at Shoreditch House and a culinary collaboration with Lyle’s.

On Wednesday July 11,  Shoreditch House will host a members-only barbeque on it’s rooftop lawn with music, drinks and culinary offerings from the pages of Chicken and Charcoal. On the following night, Lyle’s will welcome Yardbird Hong Kong’s executive chef into their kitchen to collaborate on a yakitori-inspired menu. Tickets for this event are now sold out.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2011, Matt Abergel’s cult yakitori restaurant attracts audiences from all over the world with its a heady combination of an izakaya-style atmosphere, grilled chicken on a stick, free-flowing booze and a banging playlist. It is a modern eatery with the confidence of a Hong Kong institution that’s considered one of the best restaurants in Asia.

In Chicken and Charcoal,  Matt Abergel puts the spotlight on yakitori – the time- honoured Japanese cooking technique in which chicken skewers are grilled over binchotan charcoal and enjoyed together with a glass of beer, a shot of sake, or a delicious cocktail.

Chicken and Charcoal is published by Phaidon. For more information, or to pre-order your copy of the book, please click here.

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