31 Oct

China: The Cookbook UK Tour

The 650-recipe tome that is China: The Cookbook arrived on British shores last week with authors Kei Lum and Diora Chan. The duo have been on a global tour and their stop in London was jam packed with radio interviews; a shopping trip in Chinatown with award-winning food writer Diana Henry; multiple book signings and an exclusive masterclass for the press.

The masterclass was a highlight for all attendees, with participants learning how to make and fold dumplings (it’s really hard – even with advice from folding expert Diora), understanding a new technique to make delicious Fujian fried rice (mix the egg and the rice together before frying) and feasting on a whole steamed fish.

With 16 cookbooks behind them, the 17th is a meticulously created masterpiece. The Chans were a delight to have in London – we look forward to welcoming them back again.

You can purchase China: The Cookbook from Phaidon.

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