21 Dec

Christmas recipes from Cornish Sea Salt and Hepple Douglas Fir Vodka


For Christmas The Moorland Spirit Company have been working with Cornish Sea Salt to develop a range of festive recipes that bring together the complimentary flavours of the recently released Hepple Douglas Fir Vodka in combination with their award-winning Cornish Sea Salt. The ethos at the core of both brands is to create products full of flavour, made with great care and to an exceptional standard and quality.


Developed by James Strawbridge, Development Chef for Cornish Sea Salt and with input from Moorland Spirit founder Valentine Warner, the three exciting recipes showcase the fabulous versatility of both products. The cured salmon is a classic Christmas dish that has been given a twist with a beetroot and Douglas Fir Vodka cure recipe. The Salty Sea Dog has been updated into a Salty Douglas cocktail and the sushi maki roll is turned on its head using Cornish mackerel prepared in a Douglas Fir Vodka ceviche with Fiery Umami Sea Salt, served with a shot of Douglas Fir to bring you the ‘McMaki.’

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