22 Oct

Ed Smith appears on Saturday Kitchen

If you tuned in to Saturday Kitchen this weekend, you would have seen our very own Ed Smith giving a tour of the world-famous Borough Market. Showing the Saturday Kitchen team around his favourite London market, Ed encountered everyone from Greek olive venders to artisan cheese makers, bakers and fishmongers.

Speaking to Christine Elliot, chair of the Borough Market Trustees, she effortlessly summed up the appeal of the market: “what makes it special for me is what makes it special for everybody: the beating heart of community right in the centre of London, the connection to food directly, the ability to talk to people – this is about much more than just the pleasure of eating. Food brings people together.”

Marianna Kolokotroni also sang the praises of Borough’s cultural diversity. As she explains, “Borough Market is an amazing multi-cultural community with like-minded people of great diversity and expertise. It’s just a great place to be to share all this knowledge and a love of food.”

The segment was designed to promote the market’s first ever cookbook. Written by Ed, The Borough Market Cookbook shares seasonal recipes inspired by the produce and traders that have made this site a culinary destination for over 1000 years. Ed did a smashing job of showing off everything the market has to offer!

The Borough Market Cookbook by Ed Smith is published by Hodder & Stoughton. You can catch up on this week’s Saturday Kitchen through BBC iPlayer.


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