18 Oct

Feed Me Press Launch 🐩

Today we honoured our co-founder and CEO, Baxter the dog, with a fantastic canine-themed event. Co-hosted by Phaidon Books and MADE.com, a doggy brunch was held to celebrate the release of Feed Me, Pet-tecture, and MADE.com’s newest pet collection.


We were thrilled to be joined by 20 of the fluffiest, most adorable and photo-savvy pooches in London. They drank pawsecco (get it?), mingled amongst their insta-famous friends and ate home-made dog treats inspired by recipes from the pages of Feed Me.


The morning shenanigans were attended by some of the biggest names in town, including Rupert the Cattle Dog, Marcel the Corgi, Pops the Sausage Dog, a sassy chihuahua called Dolly Pawton and Albee, a gorgeous five-month-old Welsh Terrier. The food went down a treat; Kira the English Setter and her mate Sam were particular fans of our home-made rice and turkey balls, and we watched in awe as Pomeranian twins Broadway and Folly scoffed 6 meatballs in 10 seconds flat.


Most of our guests agreed that this was one of the best, most chaotic and utterly gleeful book launches they’d ever attended, and we couldn’t agree more! Dogs are an integral part of the Smith & Baxter family, and it was lovely to be involved in this unique celebration of our favourite furry friends.

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