06 Oct

Hepple Extreme Martini Competition

Six of the UK’s best bartenders met at Hepple Spirits for their first Extreme Martini Competition. The Hepple Estate became a mini festival for two nights as bartenders, writers, cooks and chefs came together to ce judge the competition and also celebrate Olympia the first long horn cow to roam the hills around the distillery.

Martinis flowed whilst Gill Meller and Valentine cooked up a stunning banquet in a makeshift
tent as a storm raged around them. Olympia had a true and honourable send off over 8 courses.

Alice Lascelles, Monica Berg and Hepple’s own Nick Strangeway judged the 6 incredible martinis  and decided the winner to be Mike Robinson of Wild Tavern who will see his special creation to go into production.



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