22 Apr

Hepple Spirits plant baby juniper trees for Earth Day


In glorious Northumberland @hepplespirits are celebrating today by planting some baby junipers for friends and family of the distillery. They have set up the Hepple Juniper Trust which is aiding the revitalisation of their beloved botanical. The distillery is based in a beautiful and rugged place on the edge of the Northumberland Moors which is also one of the last sanctuaries for wild juniper in England.

They have planted  number of baby trees for supporters who have helped Hepple Spirits during the past 12 months. The tree planting is part of their Juniper Trust activity to revitalise the juniper stocks on the Northumberland Moors – but it is also as part of the wild goings-on around the distillery with their free-roaming ponies and longhorn cattle.

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