12 Jan

Hoxton Mini Press tackle Blue Monday for Londoners

The independent publisher Hoxton Mini Press recently received 1500 copies of their first ever book from 2013 I’ve Lived in East London for 86.5 Years with a small mark on the back, rendering them unfit for sale. This kind of printing error can happen in book publishing, with even just the smallest of printing mistakes can result in the books being ‘pulped’ and recycled to make other books and paper. Instead of pulping the books, Hoxton Mini Press has decided to give away free copies on ‘Blue Monday’, the 15th of January. Blue Monday is often described as the most depressing day of the year, with the end of Christmas, failed New Years resolutions, low motivation and dark mornings all contributing to a national mass malaise.

Hoxton Mini Press staff and volunteers will stand outside dimly lit London tube stations (Old Street, Farringdon, King’s Cross and Shoreditch High Street) from 7.30am, handing out books to commuters who they felt might need an uplifting boost. Each book proudly showcased the ‘blemish’, along with a note to pass the book on to a stranger once read.

I’ve Lived in East London for 86.5 Years is the story of Londoner Joseph Markovitch who left London only once to go to the seaside with his mother. It is a heart-warming book about age, friendship and transformation as seen through the eyes of Hoxton Mini Press Co-Founder and photographer, Martin Usborne.

Ann Waldvogel co-founder of Hoxton Mini Press said “If this helps cheer a few people up – and of course grow some awareness of Hoxton Mini Press and what we do – so much the better.”

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