07 Jul

littlefrench opens this weekend

On Friday 5th July littlefrench opened its doors to plenty of buzz and excitement in Bristol. The restaurant is chef Freddy Birds’s first solo venture, offering unpretentious French food, engaging wines at sensible prices, and most of all a relaxed friendly vibe.

On the first night of service guests ate classic regional French dishes froma menu that included queen scallops, radishes with cod’s roe; plaice with brown shrimp butter, jersey royals and spinach; and wood grilled leg of Pyrenean lamb, with new season garlic and anchoïade.


In just a short space of time littlefrench has already received rave reviews and was fully booked out by it’s second evening.  The Bristol Post called it ‘the city’s most exciting new opening so far this year’ whilst food and wine writer Fiona Becket wrote, ‘this really is a restaurant of dreams with food cooked from the heart.’

The family-owned restaurant is located in Freddy’s own neighbourhood village of Westbury Park, just steps away from the Bird home. Designed to a be a classic local fixture open 7 days a week, littlefrench is set to take the culinary food scene in Bristol by storm, bringing delicious regional French flavours to this little corner of the West of England.

For booking please visit here. 

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