06 Mar

Luci Gosling on BBC Radio London

For any Londoners tuning into the Robert Elms show this morning, they would have heard a fantastic interview with Luci Gosling from the Mary Evans Picture Library. Luci has helped to curate the final collection of images that went into Hoxton Mini Press latest release Paradise Street. Today she went on live radio to discuss the book, which pays homage to the lost art of playing outside, with vintage photographs from throughout the UK.

Luci and Robert Elms discussed the fascinating collection of images which document long forgotten traditions of childhood freedom, scraped knees and hopscotch. As Luci noted, “kids would never be allowed to play like this nowadays.” She also drew attention to the many well-known photographers that are featured in the book, including Shirley Baker, Paul Kaye and Roger Mayne.

Filled with whimsy and nostalgia, Paradise Street is published by Hoxton Mini Press on 7 March 2019.

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