25 Jun

Magnus Nilsson features on BBC Radio Four’s The Food Programme

In this week’s episode of the food programme, Dan Saladino meets internationally renowned chef and food writer Magnus Nilsson. The author of The Nordic Baking Book takes Saladino on a culinary tour of the Nordic regions, beginning with a visit to his world-famous restaurant Fäviken and ending with a baking session at Magnus’ family home.

Saladino states that Nilsson is “one of the most creative and skilled cooks of his generation” – and his expertise and extensive knowledge of Nordic baking traditions lies at the heart of this interview.


The trip marks 8 months since the publication of the chef’s third cookbook – an anthology of the traditions and baking recipes cooked in homes throughout the region. On their journey through the wilderness of Northern Sweden, Magnus insists, “there is no baking culture anywhere in the world today that is deeper and more diverse than the Nordic baking culture.”

It is this rich culture that is most starkly on display during Saladino’s visit. As the pair make authentic Swedish flat breads at Magnus’ kitchen table, it becomes clear that The Nordic Cookbook is a celebration of home spun baking throughout Scandinavia, as it exists today.

“It’s not a museum piece that just documents what was there in the past’,’ says Magnus. “It’s about my observations of what people actually bake in their homes throughout the Nordic region.”

If you missed it, you can listen to the full interview here.

The Nordic Baking Book by Magnus Nilsson is published by Phaidon. 


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