15 Mar

Phaidon help the Ace Hotel to launch their dog-friendly menu

Over the last year, Smith & Baxter seems to have cornered the market on dog-themed publications. We’ve worked on a book that showcases vintage photographs from British dog shows, a compendium of pet recipes called Feed Me, and are now collaborating with Four&Sons on their tenth anniversary issue of a magazine all about our favourite furry friends.


And just when you thought we couldn’t get any more dog obsessed we have more news to report. Smith & Baxter have teamed up with Phaidon and The Ace Hotel Shoreditch to curate a delicious dog-friendly menu. The recipes, inspired by Liviana Prola’s book Feed Me, were unveiled at the Ace last night to a crowd of hungry guests. Some of our favourite insta-famous pooches came along to celebrate with us including George the Sausage Dog, Michael J. Fox and Ernie the Cavapoochon. Even our very own Baxter was there to enjoy a delicious menu of Cod & Potato Casserole, Pasta with Lamb and Zucchini, and Barley with Turkey, Beef and Carrots.

It’s safe to say that the food was a hit with the punters – especially Baxter who couldn’t get enough of the barley! Feed Me by Liviana Prola is published by Phaidon.

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