One Hundred Years by Jenny Lewis

  • Publisher Hoxton Mini Press
  • Genre Photography
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One Hundred Years

Photographs & text by Jenny Lewis

Published by Hoxton Mini Press 15 April 2021

100 intimate portraits of east Londoners reveal life’s universal moments of triumph, sorrow and humour.

100 people, 100 years, one community. Renowned photographer Jenny Lewis has spent the last three years photographing and interviewing the people who live in her neighbourhood, Hackney, covering every age from birth to 100 in chronological order.

There are insights into love, family, parenthood, the growing pains for the younger subjects and ageing for the older ones. The book provides pearls of wisdom such as ‘what matters are the simple things money can’t buy,’ Never trust a buffet’ and that old ladies are the first to get up and dance.

Paired with revealing quotes from each of her subjects, this tender series captures not just a vibrant pocket of east London, but the many vital moments of connection, contradiction, confusion, growth and reflection that we all experience as we age.

‘Perhaps you think you have a typical, ordinary life. Most of us do. But read even a tenth of the 100 stories that are chattering and rustling away inside here, and you will grasp that there is no such thing.’ – Lucy Davies, from the Introduction

About the Author

Jenny Lewis is an award-winning portrait photographer. She has lived in Hackney for 25 years; her work focuses on visual storytelling within her community. This is her third book, her previous books are One Day Young and Hackney Studios are both also published by Hoxton Mini Press.

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