America: The Cookbook by Gabrielle Langholtz

  • Publisher Phaidon
  • Genre Food
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America: The Cookbook is the first book to comprehensively document and celebrate the remarkable diversity of American cuisine and food culture across its fifty states. This 850-recipe compendium presents a through exploration of the country’s myriad of food traditions, ingredients and influences that together define American culinary heritage.

The book celebrates the unique melting pot that is America and how for many nations around the world, their second largest population outside of their homeland can be found in America. The book explores the culinary history of a relatively young country but one already steeped in history, tradition and the influence of many cultures. The diversity of recipes echoes the diversity of this vast and expansive country with iconic regional American dishes of their own.

This book is the most thorough book to encapsulate American cuisine in one tome. Above all, it is a culinary road trip of a book that will make you want to travel, eat and discover the whole of America.

PUBLISHED: 9th October 2017

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