An Opinionated Guide to Sweet London

  • Publisher Hoxton Mini Press
  • Genre Food Guide
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An Opinionated Guide to Sweet London

Text by Imogen Lepere

Photography by Ola O. Smit and Philippa Langley

Published 8 July 2021 by Hoxton Mini Press

The capital’s most delicious treat-laden destinations, guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

We all need a little more sweetness in our lives this year – that’s why we’ve curated this opinionated little guide to over 50 of London’s most tempting treats and downright decadent spots to indulge in dessert. From the best matcha-infused soft serve in Chinatown, to Michelin-starred chefs whipping up luxury finger doughnuts in King’s Cross, our pithy write-ups and mouthwatering photography will lead you straight to sugar, spice and only the best things nice. Why buy a guide book when all information is online? Because we give you expert opinion to cut through the waffle.


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