Butlin’s Holiday Camp 1982 by Barry Lewis

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  • Genre Photography
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Barry Lewis’ new book features a series of photographs taken during a particularly wet summer  at the Skegness Butlin’s Holiday Camp in 1982. With its ‘Glamorous Granny’ and ‘Knobbly Knees’ competitions and endless Redcoat entertainments, Butlin’s became synonymous with the ultimate British package holiday.

Billy Butlin created his holiday attraction in the 1930s, when British workers were granted paid holidays for the first time and families were drawn by the promise of individual chalets, a theatre and a swimming pool. Barry had a summer job as a kitchen porter at Butlin’s in the 60s in Bognor and developed an affection for the Butlin’s holiday camp life. He returned to the Skegness camp in 1982 to undertake this photography project. The pictures capture a defiant national spirit at a time when Billy Butlin’s original vision of ‘fun for all the family’ was under threat from cheap foreign travel and the faltering English weather.

Butlin's Holiday camp

About the Author

Barry Lewis is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker whose work has appeared in many international publications including The Sunday Times, The Observer and Life magazine. Barry worked at Butlin’s in the 60s after leaving school, returned to the Skegness camp in 1982 on a photography assignment to undertake this project. We published Barry’s previous book, Miami Beach 1988-1995, in 2019.

About the Publisher

Hoxton Mini Press is a small indie publisher based in east London. They are dedicated to making collectable photography books that are accessible, affordable and playful, and believe that as the world goes more online beautiful books should be cherished.

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