Do Agile: Futureproof your Mind by Tim Drake

  • Publisher The Do Book Company
  • Genre Business and Wellbeing
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The latest book from The Do Book Company is a guide to keeping thinking agile and futureproof your mind. In today’s fast-moving world obsessed with the latest tech or trend, it’s easy to close down our thinking and rely on gut-based decisions based on what we’ve always done – and how we’ve always thought. Our everyday mindset is both comfortable and familiar. Yet what if we’ve become stuck in our ways? Or stopped having an opinion that was truly our own?

Do Agile is about resetting our minds and moving forward. Tim Drake shows us that to work effectivelyin any organisation – and in life in general, we require a mindset that is open, alert, engaged and positive. And importantly, aligned with our core principles.

Do Agile offers simple ways to update our thinking without compromising our core values. With the help of Tim Drake, readers can discover why we get stuck in stubborn thought patterns and behaviours, and how we can change them. Today’s world requires a new type of toolkit. One that helps build mental resilience, a growth mindset, and a positive outlook. Because once that’s in place, you can do practically anything.

About the Author

is a keynote speaker to business audiences around Europe on motivation and unlocking potential. He has co-founded and run businesses, Think Tanks and charities.

Now in his seventies, he believes that, like most people, he has more to give and more to learn. After 25 years, he still thrives in the shared learning his CEO Think Tanks provoke. Within each industry they are made up of members from all parts of the supply chain with the aim of rattling cages and keeping thinking open and agile. He also recognises that challenges and setbacks are part of life and need to be addressed with courage, humour and a mindset based on resilience, gratitude, fairness and a desire to give back.

About The Do Book Company

Do Agile is one of 26 books that form a collection of inspirational pocket guides, available in print, digital and audio formats. Designed to inspire action and positive change, these practical guides focuson the ‘doing’ rather than the background theory. A royalty of 5% from the proceeds of each copy soldgoes back into the Do Lectures – sharing ideas to inspire action.

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