Do Death by Amanda Blainey

  • Publisher The Do Book Company
  • Genre Lifestyle & Wellness
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Death has an 100% success rate yet we are often unprepared and unwilling to talk about it. Whilst cultures such as India, Indonesia and Mexico embrace and normalise death, the western world has become increasingly detached from the process of dying. If we can be more accepting of death and prepared for its inevitability, we can lessen the impact upon our loved ones and wake up to the preciousness of living.

Do Death seeks to reconfigure our relationship with dying, using practical, approachable and compassionate advice from advocate Amanda Blainey. The author raises the subject of death in an entirely unique and refreshing way, with inspiring wisdom from well-known figures such as Steve Jobs, Grayson Perry, Eckhart Tolle and Elizabeth Gilbert.

Do Death by Amanda Blainey is published by the Do Book Company on 5th September 2019

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