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In Do Photo, photographer and author Andrew Paynter shares 10 practices honed over a lifetime spent behind the lens and argues that you should take fewer photographs.

Do Photo provides an antidote to our trigger-happy phone snapping and guides us towards a more considered photographer’s eye. It explains how the powers of observation, of easing back and capturing a moment, will ensure better results. Andrew Paynter shares 10 practices honed over a lifetime spent behind the lens working with clients from Adidas, Converse, Levi’s, and Apple to rock bands and artists. He encourages you to look and see more of your surroundings, be more connected to your inner self and craft better pictures with care.

Do Photo teaches novice, intermediate and advanced photographers – and everyone in between – how to use their cameras to really connect with subjects, mood and lighting to create memorable and more impactful photographs, and to enjoy the process along the way. This inpiring book will help all of us seethe world differently and tell beautiful stories through photographs.


‘Andrew Paynter’s photography feels like it comes out of a sensitivity to the world; a deep social intelligence. His work is not the band, it is the hum of an amp in between songs. It is not a lecture, it is mediation. You never feel that his photos need a caption. You don’t wish they were video. You are glad they are still.’
Geoff McFetridge, artist

About the Author

Andrew Paynter is a photographer and director based in Oakland, California, who is interested in exploring character and the creative process. His clients include Adidas, Levi Strauss, Converse, Apple, and Rolling Stone. He has also embarked on several long-term photographic collaborations includingdecade-long projects with Hiut Denim and artists such as Geoff McFetridge and Evan Hecox, who formpart of his personal series Working Artists. His work appears in Do Purpose and Do Open, both by David Hieatt and published by Do Books.

About Do Books

Do Photo is one of 28 books that form a collection of inspirational pocket guides, available in print, digital and audio formats. Designed to inspire action and positive change, these practical guides focus on the ‘doing’ rather than the background theory. A royalty of 5% from the proceeds of each copy sold goes back into the Do Lectures – sharing ideas to inspire action.

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