Do Sing by James Sills

  • Publisher The Do Book Company
  • Genre Lifestyle & Wellness
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Singing together is a fundamental part of being human: it creates community, helps us to express ourselves and makes us feel more alive. Studies have shown that group singing improves our mental and physical wellbeing – so why do so many of us feel too embarrassed or uncomfortable to sing?

Do Sing will inspire you to overcome your inhibitions, reclaim your voice and find your singing tribe. Written by vocal leader and musician James Sills, this book provides encouragement and practical tips for singers of all abilities. Embracing the idea of ‘everyday singing,’ James has championed inclusive, open-access choirs throughout the country, designed to harness the positive power of group singing. Do Sing offers life-affirming quotes from a diverse range of singers including Ella Fitzgerald, Tom Waits, and Bob Marley, alongside personal testimonies from choir members, ranging from an accountant to a retired grandmother.

Do Sing by James Sills is published by the Do Book Company on 12th September.


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