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Navigate earth mind and body. Step by step. By Libby DeLana

Published by Do Books 3rd June, 2021

A reflective guide to the transformative nature of a daily walking practice

“An illuminating book that powerfully conveys a simple truth: that putting one foot in front of the other is a transformative act. DeLana writes with insight, heart, and wit about love, loss, work, creativity, and the mysteries of being human. Do Walk is a moving and wise book about one woman’s path toward enlightenment, that also tells a story about us all.”
Cheryl Strayed

Early one morning in 2011, Libby DeLana stepped outside of her New England home for a walk and took a photo of a local dairy barn. She did the same thing the next day, and the next. It became a daily habit that has culminated in her walking over 25,000 miles – the equivalent of the earth’s circumference.

Walking as a daily practice is a meditative and restorative experience. In Do Walk, Libby reveals how transformative this simple yet powerful practice can be. Just a 10-minute walk can reduce anxiety as much as a 45-minute workout. During the pandemic, many people discovered the physical and mental health benefits of walking and this new books shows why we should continue this daily practice when life resumes.

Libby has built a global audience for her MorningWalk and has inspired many to follow her daily adventure. Not only has it allowed her to connect more deeply with her local community and the natural world around her, but it is a constant source of ideas, comfort, awe and wisdom — all the elements that remind us of who we are, beyond titles and labels.

With beautiful photography and chapters on curiosity, perseverance, creativity and more, Do Walk is an inspiring andreflective guide: an invitation to simply step outside and see where the path takes us.

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