East London: An Opinionated Guide by Sonya Barber

  • Publisher Hoxton Mini Press
  • Genre Guide Book
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East London: An Opinionated Guide is a pocket-sized insider’s guide to the best of East London from the publishers that have helped put the place on the map. This book is their unashamedly biased guide to their local area, outrageously skewed to their book-loving, gallery-visiting, food-munching tastes. The guide includes a suggested itinerary for a ‘perfect weekend’, two gatefold maps with keys, and 57 suggestions of places to go categorised by shops, hotels, coffee, food, outdoors, culture and nightlife.

Featuring beautiful photography by Charlotte Schreiber and words by Sonya Barber – the book has the trademark Hoxton Mini Press understated design and high production values. This tightly curated selection are all places that you won’t necessarily find in a regular travel guide and a notes section at the back for all your plans and to remember those (often unforgettable) experiences.

PUBLISHED: 11th May 2017

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