East London Food by Rosie Birkett & Helen Cathcart

  • Publisher Hoxton Mini Press
  • Genre Food
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“A brilliant portrait of the beating heart of London’s food scene and a celebration of the energy and creativity at work in the East End. This is a joyous, inspirational, heart-warming book.” — Nigel Slater

“Big cities have big pockets of energy, and for me, East London is ours here in London. I’ve been coming to London since the 80s and I’ve always enjoyed visiting, but I never really felt the urge to move here until I came to East London.” — Nuno Mendes in his foreword to the book

Perhaps more than any other part of London, the East End has always had its own very distinctive culinary identity. A history of industry, resourcefulness and immigration has generated a creativity that has made it the go-to food destination of the capital.

East London Food captures a snapshot of this area’s food culture at a moment in time. East London residents and long-time collaborators: food writer Rosie Birkett and photographer Helen Cathcart have joined together to compile this book and depict this eastward shift in culinary excitement.

The beautiful images and engaging stories document classic cafés, long-standing beigel shops, Michelin-starred eateries, chefs, producers and characters of the East End who together share a spirit to cook up the most exciting food experiences in the area.

As well as a basic shared geography, the book shows how creativity binds this diverse mix of people, places and foods together. Well-known international chefs such as Isaac McHale of the The Clove Club, James Lowe of Lyle’s and Nuno Mendes rub shoulders with the Pellicci family of the infamous Bethnal Green ‘caff’, legendary foraging figure John the Poacher and urban beekeepers, Barnes & Webb.

The book’s aim is simply to tell the stories in words and pictures of the people and places making up East London’s culinary vibrancy, alongside a selection of signature recipes from those featured.

PUBLISHED: 21st April 2016

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