East London Swimmers by Madeleine Waller.

  • Publisher Hoxton Mini Press
  • Genre Photography
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The London Fields Lido sits in the corner of one of East London’s most popular areas of grassland. Daily at this outdoor pool a cross-section of East London life come together to take part in something that is part hobby, part- activity and part ritual. In this book, East London Swimmers, photographer Madeleine Waller captures the secret life of Hackney swimmers who have braved all conditions to escape city life.
Madeleine’s photographs capture the striking juxtaposition between the swimmer clothed and the swimmer stripped down to near nakedness. Her compelling images are accompanied by testaments from each swimmer as to why they swim and what it offers them. Startling stories appear: such as Nick who started swimming after being caught in the tsunami in Thailand, or Paul the bus driver who taught himself to swim and finds that the activity frees himself from the ravages of London traffic. Here are people that have swam since childhood or have started in later life – all connected by the experience that swimming outside gives.

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