Eat Share Love by Kalpna Woolf

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  • Genre Food & Cookery
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Our cherished recipes and the stories behind them

By Kalpna Woolf

Published by Meze Publishing

Our favourite recipes have a story to tell. They connect us to our past, to our culture, to our happiest, saddest and most memorable times – to who we are. Eat, Share, Love is a unique collection of recipes from home cooks bringing together inspirational global dishes with the cherished personal stories behind the recipes.

Eat, Share, Love is a resonant book for our time featuring mouth-watering dishes from the UK’s myriad food cuisines, many of which are less familiar and includes dishes such as berbere-spiced Eritrean stews, fragrant Iranian saffron rice, fresh Sudanese salads, celebratory sweet pancakes made at Holi, Somali Lamb Huuris, Polish Easter cake and Bosnian Breskvice – little peach shaped cakes made for special occasions.

Every dish is accompanied by the personal story behind it, revealing touching tales of love, family, friendship, happiness, loss, kindness, laughter and much more. From romance blossoming over a tantalising Persian ghormeh sabzi to foraging in hedgerows for elderflowers to make Grandma’s delicious cordial and gathering with family and friends to make Moldovan cheese dumplings.

Food author and  campaigner for Bristol charity 91 Ways, Kalpna Woolf , who created and curated the book and contributed several of her own family recipes and stories, says: “the joy of this book is in reminding ourselves just how much our favourite foods actually mean to us, and that by the simple act of sharing our food and stories we can make unexpected connections with each other which can bridge our cultural, religious and ethnic divides and bring us all closer together.”

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