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Elementum is a bi-annual publication that explores the natural world and our place within it. Through folklore, literature, poetry, science and specially commissioned art and photography, Elementum quietly brings the reader back to what really matters by nurturing our connection to the natural world and the myths that surround it.

It’s a journal for the curious and the questioning; for lovers of nature and of tales told in words and in pictures; it’s for those who retain a childlike curiosity and are as open to understanding the world through the scientist’s findings as the artist’s response, the ecologist’s observation and the writer’s reflection.

Elementum has been consciously produced to give a meditative and mindful reading experience.The independent publication chooses to avoid advertisements, aiming to create a quiet safe space free from a deluge of unwanted information. Its intelligent writing and thoughtful original imagery offers a refuge from the ordinary world.

Founded by editor Jay Armstrong, the publication is organised around a different theme in each edition. The narratives intertwine word with image, each piece taking the reader on a journey of exploration and transformation, and asking questions that encourage us to see the natural world in new ways.

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