Hepple Gin from the Moorland Spirit Company

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This October, The Moorland Spirit Company will launch Hepple Gin. Hepple lies in the Northumbrian hills, surrounded by
juniper, pine and aromatic plants. To release the true heart of the carefully chosen botanicals, the team has reinterpreted the
way a premium gin is made, adapting old techniques and pioneering new ones. The unique method reveals heightened flavour
notes that are lost in the traditional process.

A unique collaboration of talent has been assembled: chef, Valentine Warner; world-renowned barman, Nick Strangeway;
drinks developer, Cairbry Hill; countryman, Walter Riddell; and distiller, Chris Garden. Together they have created a gin that
tastes as invigorating as the north wind and as refreshing as a plunge in a hilltop pool.


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