Hotel Carpets by Bill Young

  • Publisher Hoxton Mini Press
  • Genre Photography / Interiors

“I travel for a living. Stay in a lot of hotels. See a lot of carpet.” Bill Young

A pilot’s strange obsession for wacky hotel carpets has lead to Instagram fame and a new book.

Bill Young travels for a living. He stays in a lot of hotels – and sees a lot of carpet… This playful new book is a celebration of
a US pilot’s love for the mesmerising, bizarre (and sometimes questionable) patterns found under his feet in hotel lobbies. From Austin to Amsterdam, Lille to Las Vegas, Bill Young has snapped hundreds of carpets whilst jetting around the world. There includes a hotel carpet from the Nagoya Marriott in Japan that remind Bill of Mount Fuji, to a carpet in the Residence Inn in Austin Texas that looks like a flock of bats.

When the pilot’s daughter tweeted in November 2018 saying that all she wanted for Christmas was for her dad’s Instagram account (@myhotelcarpet) to go viral, she didn’t expect it to happen overnight. Now more than 400,000 people share Bill’s joy of carpet. The book includes an edit of the most striking designs, accompanied by the photographer’s tongue-in-cheek commentary and an introduction by his daughter.

Bill Young is a corporate pilot who lives in Dallas, Texas. He takes photos in his spare time and runs the popular Instagram account @myhotelcarpet.

Hoxton Mini Press is a small indie publisher based in east London. They are dedicated to making collectable photography books that are accessible, affordable and playful, and believe that as the world goes more online beautiful books should be cherished.

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