Launderama by Joshua Blackburn

  • Publisher Hoxton Mini Press
  • Genre Photography
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A colourful homage to the capital’s much-loved but fading launderettes.

Photographer Joshua Blackburn has visited every remaining launderette in London – all 462. As high streets grow ever more homogenous, these are one of the few businesses that retaintheir striking individuality. But they’re an endangered species: many close every year in the UK. Launderama, which features a selection of photos alongside an essay and map, captures the colourful design and community spirit of the humble launderette.

‘I was drawn like a moth to the flood of neon spilling onto the street at night and stood in the road taking pictures. It wasn’t long before I began disappearing at strange times to visit local laundromats….’ – Joshua Blackburn, from the introduction

Launderama by Joshua Blackburn is published by Hoxton Mini Press on October 24th.


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