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The independent travel magazine Lodestars Anthology has launched a special book full of stunning travel photography from some of the talented photographers and artists they have worked with over the years. Providing no brief and no restrictions – the request was simply to share wonderful work and reflect on projects from the past. Postcards brings together a marvellous portfolio of images from across the world, paired with musings on life, travel and the joys of photography. Created in lockdown, the 144 page publication is an ode to travel and celebrates the beauty and wonder that is out there, just waiting until the world is ready to travel with consideration. With work from photographers such as Tom Bunning, Orlando Gili, Jimena Peck and many more

Over the years, many brilliant photographers have contributed toLodestars Anthology and their vision and zeal never cease to amaze. Yet I wondered how often they had time to pore over their archives and get lost in journeys past. So I asked a few to delve into their hard drives and unearth the images that make them proud. The result is this book – a project that doesn’t necessarily capture the mood oflockdown, but instead acts as a reminder that it’s okay to reflect, totreasure what we once saw, to crave travel’s return, and know that there is so much more to explore.”

Liz Schaffer, Editor



Copies available from here


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