London Shopfronts by Emma J.Page & Rachael Smith

  • Publisher Hoxton Mini Press
  • Genre Interiors/Exteriors
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London Shopfronts

by Emma J.Page & Rachael Smith

Published 30 September 2021 by Hoxton Mini Press

A photographic tour of the capital’s most iconic shopfronts, from historic façades to beautiful, modern typography.


Walking through the streets of London provides a glorious miscellany of history and design, past shops that have stood for centuries and those that popped up just last week. This book is a visual celebration of the capital’s most interesting stores: a vibrant compendium filled with original photography and fascinating write-ups. It explores the artistry behind each façade’s unique signage, delves into the sites’ past lives and includes personal stories of ingenuity, community and resilience from London’s shopkeepers. For shops are no longer just somewhere we buy things – you can do that online, these days – but places to connect with others, browse creativity and gather inspiration.

‘Shops remain the lifeblood of our city; squeezed by the virtual world, yes, and sometimes at the mercy of an area’s changing fortunes, but ultimately an enduring, beautiful expression of a dynamic capital and its rich history.’ Emma J Page, from the introduction

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