Mighty Spice Express by John Gregory-Smith.

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  • Genre Food
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For his latest cookbook, Mighty Spice Express, John Gregory-Smith went in search of the best express dishes from around the world. Visiting Asia, North Africa, the Middle East and South America, John has tasted the best street food that these places had to offer and returned home armed with delicious ideas that can be recreated in a home kitchen in minutes.

Mighty Spice Express includes over 85 dishes inspired from John’s travels and the street food he tasted on the way. Here are snacks, quick brunches, mid-week suppers, dinner party specials and indulgent desserts all that use spices to create dynamic, zingy flavours in next to no time.

From salads and stews to sandwiches and roasts the majority of dishes in the book take between 15 to 30 minutes whilst the longest is no more than 45 minutes. Try Moroccan Paper Bag Sardines; Cochin Crab Cakes; Little South Island Pork Salad; Salmon Bibimbap; Dongbai Roast Cod with Stir-fried Spinach and Peanuts; Beirut Ratatouille; and a Beautiful Beef Mezze.

Alongside the stunning food photography, John also weaves tales of his foodie travels and his street food experiences in each place. These are accompanied by vibrant photography of street life.


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