Parklife by Sophie Spring

  • Publisher Hoxton Mini Press
  • Genre Photography
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A love letter to London’s green spaces

By Sophia Spring with an introduction by writer David Nicholls

Published by Hoxton Mini Press 15th July 2021

‘This is a portrait of a city that now, as I write, is stepping outside again after a long winter, revisiting friends and family, eating, drinking, flirting, celebrating, a city that is at its liveliest not on its streets but in its scuffed, scrappy, beautiful green spaces.’ – David Nicholls, from the Introduction

Sophia Spring’s photographs capture moments of serenity and community in London’s green spaces during the chaos of a global pandemic.

2020 sparked a re-energised love of the capital’s parks; from first dates to family meet-ups, yoga classes to swimming parties, many of life’s familiar activities suddenly started to take place outdoors. For London is unique in its sheer number of commons, heaths, marshes, waterways and woodlands, which occupy some of the most expensive real estate in the world yet remain free and communal to all. This book is both a celebration of the salvation nature brought during the pandemic, and an enduring love letter to London’s vital green spaces.



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