Portrait of Humanity Volume 2

  • Publisher Hoxton Mini Press
  • Genre Photography
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Published 11 June 2020 by Hoxton Mini Press in collaboration with 1854 Media

Portrait of Humanity is a global initiative by 1854 Media, publisher of British Journal of Photography. It is one of the greatest collaborative photography exhibitions in history. At its core, Portrait of Humanity is a celebration of our shared values: Individuality, Community and Unity. This new book contains the two hundred shortlisted images from this year’s  award. The images, taken before the world went into lockdown, provide a global representation of everything that makes us human, with photographers from thirty-six countries showcasing images taken around the globe.  

Published during the most significant global awakening of our lifetime, Portrait of Humanity Vol 2 is a 300-page volume of 200 intimate portraits and stories – shot by photographers of all levels, all over the world. These arresting faces and touching anecdotes remind us of our common struggles, our deep bonds and, perhaps most importantly in light of the Covid- 19 crisis, the restorative power of community. The book supports a global touring exhibition and images will be exhibited on Clear Channel digital screens internationally from September onwards and for the first time 1854 Media has teamed up with Sent Into Space, a company that specialises in taking images of the Earth from edge of space. They will be launching a framed screen that will exhibit all shortlisted images 111,000 feet in the air. A 360 degree camera will be attached so the photographers will be able to see their work against the backdrop of our amazing planet. 

This is second volume to accompany the awards that first launched in 2019. Further information on the previous book here.

A Moment Shared

A Moment Shared

by Udayan Sankar Pal

Chennai, India

Hoxton Mini Press is an award-winning independent publisher based in East London. They started out by making photography books just about Hackney, working with local artists and writers, but now they produce books about topics all over the world. Nevertheless, they are still inspired by local, urban stories of neighbourhood life told through rich photography. As the world goes digital they believe that books, and the stories within them, should be cherished and passed down through generations.

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