Revolutionary French Cooking by Daniel Galmiche.

  • Publisher Nourish
  • Genre Food

Best-selling author Daniel Galmiche is at the forefront of new wave French cooking: he believes strongly that although we may have shaken loose from the constraints of classic French style, the foundations remained intact: quality ingredients treated with care and respect to create a range of delicious dishes. In Revolutionary French Cooking he shows how to take the best of French style and give it new twists, a lighter touch and innovative ideas that rejuvenate and energize this fabulous cuisine.

Revolutionary French Cooking showcases 100 innovative French recipes and is divided into three exciting chapters. The first, Liberté, showcases exciting new recipes, methods and techniques, with innovative ingredients – such as Venison Bourguignon with Dark Chocolate and Star Anise; and Tomato Confit, Chilli and Lemon Thyme Tarts – all refreshingly free from the shackles of tradition.

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