Septime, La Cave, Clamato, D’une île by Bertrand Grébaut and Théophile Pourriat

  • Publisher Phaidon
  • Genre Food
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Septime, La Cave, Clamato, D’une île
by Bertrand Grébaut and Théophile Pourriat, with Benoit Cohen

Published by Phaidon 30 September 2021

An evocative, intimate food monograph by the duo behind one of the most acclaimed restaurant collections in France.

This autumn 2021 Phaidon presents Septime, La Cave, Clamato, D’une île, an evocative debut monograph from the innovative duo behind one of France’s most renowned and creative restaurant collections. The book celebrates 10 years of Bertrand Grébaut and his partner Théophile Pourriat’s indelible influence on the Parisian gastronomy scene.

The book is arranged in a way that explores the everyday life of the restaurants and includes photo diaries of meetings with local producers, fishermen and winemakers throughout France. Chapters introduce each restaurant and the principles that bind the group together, along with notes on infusions, preserves and sauces, sustainable fishing, the restaurants and their connection to the garden. Wine – especially natural wines – are at the heart of Grébaut and Pourriat’s approach. The book guides readers through biodynamic principles and features a chapter on wine pairings, which are linked to the colour of the dishes as well as their taste. Each element of the book is captured by stunning analogue photography, taken by Alexandre Guirkinger.

Grébaut and Pourriat look back on the creativity, trials and successes of the past decade in Septime, La Cave, Clamato, D’une île, presenting an intimate and evocative monograph on contemporary French cuisine.


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