Signature Dishes That Matter

  • Publisher Phaidon
  • Genre Food
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 Signature dishes are the master brushstroke of those few individuals who have created something that goes on to shape the way we eat and cook. While the social media buzz of restaurants or the incessant discussion about new dishes that everyone clamours to eat might seem like a modern phenomenon, restaurant dishes have been enticing people out, influencing home cooking, and causing a sensation since the first restaurants opened in the 18th century.

For the first time, Signature Dishes That Matter offers a history of gastronomy, told through the most iconic restaurant dishes from the past three centuries – those that have sparked new culinary movements, created turning points and driven developments. Organised chronologically, it is both a landmark cookbook and a fascinating cultural history of dining out.

Signature Dishes That Matter is published by Phaidon on 3rd October.

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