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We are delighted to be working with Cornwall-based brewery Skinner’s on the communication strategy for their recent rebrand. Skinner’s have joined forces with leading illustrators from the music and fashion worlds to develop a fresh modern look for their award-winning range of beers.

Skinner’s has long been a well-kept secret by the Cornish who have been enjoying the beers for themselves for many years. For the first time they are ready to take their award-winning beers to a wider audience, to the South West and beyond. They’ve expanded their production facilities, and are developing an education programme for visitors to their brewery in Truro.

Skinner’s have worked with six groundbreaking artists to develop a new distinct look for each iconic ales. These included:

Cornish Trawler’s tattoo inspired design has been illustrated by Alex T Frazer, who works with many musical artists including Mogwai, The Drowning Men and Ben Folds Five.

Cornish Knocker has been reimagined by Joe McLaren, an artist who has worked widely in newspapers and publishing, illustrating the work of such luminaries as Terry Pratchett, Lewis Carroll, Charlotte Bronte, George Orwell, Charles Dickens, and Andrew Motion.

Hops ‘n’ Honey’s charming look comes from the pen of Rose Forshall, whose work has graced such diverse canvases as The Times, the Port Eliot Festival, Waitrose, Anthropologie and Baker Tom.

Stevie Gee, an underground artist who has designed for Paul Smith, Vans, Penguin and the Archie Bronson Outfit, has captured Porthleven’s spirit.

Lushingtons’ beautiful label has been created by ASide, a dynamic Cornwall based team of illustrators that have worked with pioneering brands such as Origins Coffee Roasters, Dorset Cereals and the Port Eliot Festival.

Penny Come Quick’s artist Chris Odgers is an illustrator and fine artist who’s tackled everything from album covers and graphic novels to large scale wall installations and commissions from private collectors.

And, last but not least, Nick Beringer has brought new life to his legendary Betty Stogs design, putting her front and centre as Cornwall’s good time girl. Nick has been a key partner for Skinner’s since the brewery’s inception.

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