Spice Yourself Slim by Kalpna Woolf

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  • Genre Food/Health
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Spice Yourself Slim is a healthy, flavourful way of eating based on centuries-old traditions of combining tasty spices with fresh ingredients to lose weight, boost your health, lift your mood and maintain energy. It is a simple way of eating for the whole of your life. Food and spice expert, Kalpna Woolf has created 100 accessible and delicious recipes that will stimulate your senses and have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing.

A tried and tested but also timely diet, Spice Yourself Slim guarantees weight loss while allowing you to enjoy flavourful food at every meal. Rather than eating bland low calorie dishes, which are unsustainable in the long run, Kalpna offers fascinating and tasty ideas for using spices everyday for the whole family to share, stimulating your tastebuds as well as your metabolism. Dishes such as Lemon Coriander Chicken with Roasted Peppers; Monkfish Chermoula; Magic Beans and Skinny Paneer; Mango, chilli and Black Pepper Mess. Alongside the recipes is an array of helpful tips that show you how to maximize the health properties, flavour and usability of each dish.


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