The Council House

  • Publisher Hoxton Mini Press
  • Genre Architecture / Photography
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The Council House

By Jack Young

Published 10th March

Published by Hoxton Mini Press

A photographic celebration of 68 of London’s most iconic and innovative council buildings.

‘Jack Young’s photographs capture perfectly the variety, ambition and excitement of places and communities too often dismissed, undermined and underfunded.’ – John Grindrod, from the introduction

Council housing is as much a part of the capital as Big Ben or Buckingham Palace; so why is it so much harder to find books that capture these often architecturally beautiful estates? A source of (rightful) pride in the post-war era, in the latter half of last century ever-encroaching budget cuts and the disaster of the Right to Buy scheme saw council houses fall into disrepair and defamation. This book, written and photographed by Jack Young – who has spent three years visiting every corner of London to find the city’s most unique structures – features original images, personal interviews and design insights that remind us of the pride, thought and ingenuity that went into designing these socially vital buildings.

Jack Young, a digital product designer by day, spends his weekends photographing London’s council estates for his Instagram page @thecouncilhouse.



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