The Female Chef by Clare Finney

  • Publisher Hoxton Mini Press
  • Genre Food
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The Female Chef
Stories and recipes from 31 women redefining the British food scene

By Clare Finney & Liz Seabrook

Published 23 September 2021 by Hoxton Mini Press

Intimate stories and memorable recipes from the women shaping the British food industry.

A glance at any best restaurant list will tell you the food scene’s infamous gender imbalance is far from solved. Women, though traditionally encouraged to cook at home, have long been much less championed in professional kitchens. And yet, within this challenging environment, many women are pioneering change – from nurturing all-female teams to shaking up the narrative of what it means to be a woman and a chef. This book celebrates those at the forefront of modern food, and the experiences that got them there, bringing together insightful interviews, original portraits and personal recipes.

Clare Finney writes about food, chefs and producers for a variety of magazines and newspapers, and in 2019 was pronounced Food Writer of the Year in Fortnum and Mason’s Food and Drink Awards.

Liz Seabrook is a portrait and lifestyle photographer. Celebrating women through warm, honest portraiture has always been at the core of Liz’s work; in 2020, she was selected for 1854’s Portrait of Britain award.

‘We live in revolutionary times and food is at the heart of that revolution – how we produce it, shop for it, cook it and eat it is all changing. In reading these stories from 31 extraordinary women, you begin to understand what that means.’
– Sheila Dillon, from her Foreword



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