The Get-Ahead Cook by Jane Lovett

  • Publisher Apicius
  • Genre Food
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Jane Lovett’s newest book, The Get-Ahead Cook is a collection of 100 achievable recipes for the everyday cook to master and enjoy recreating. The failsafe dishes can be prepared by cooks of all abilities and each come with their own set of prepare-ahead elements and very clear instructions for lightening the load stage-by-stage, and offering a confidence-boosting guiding hand in the kitchen.

The Get-Ahead Cook presents a new set of original, stylish and contemporary recipes for day-to-day eating and entertaining but with a slant on getting things done ahead of serving. Be it only a snatched 5 or 10 minutes here or there, Jane’s ideas for forward preparation means the cook is able to spend more time out of the kitchen.

Jane’s passion is to provide real recipes for real situations and from a real kitchen. From her years of experience writing, cooking and demonstrating, here is a book that provides ingenious advice, unexpected tips as well as easy, contemporary, original and delicious recipes beautiful presented that can largely be prepared in advance.

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