The Gluten-Free Cookbook

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By Cristian Broglia

Published by Phaidon

The Gluten-Free Cookbook by Italian chef Cristian Broglia, is a 400 page global guide featuring 350 inherently gluten-free and delicious home-cooking recipes from over 80 countries, as opposed to dishes that rely on gluten-free substitutions.

Italy, with its pasta, pizza and pastry, does not lend itself naturally to gluten-free cooking, but Chef Cristian Broglia was prompted to unearth his country’s most naturally gluten free dishes such as Farinata, Amaretti, Vitello Tonnato and Risi e Bisi. From there he uncovered many more treasured recipes close to home and was encouraged to continue his painstaking research internationally and bring together the hundreds of exciting recipe in this volume.

There are classics of gluten-free international cuisine—such as Creole Jambalaya from the United States, Summer Rolls from Vietnam, Israeli Falafel and Bibimbap from Korea, as well as many lesser-known regional specialties, including Injera from Ethiopia, and Yuca Skillet Cake from Bolivia.

Perfect for anyone who cannot eat gluten, but also for those seeking new and interesting dishes from around the world, or entertaining gluten-free eaters. There are dishes that are Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy-free, Nut-free, ones that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less, or with 5 or fewer ingredients. This collection of recipes will lead home chefs to discover new cuisines, rich in taste and gluten-free by design.

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