The Irish Cookbook by Jp McMahon

  • Publisher Phaidon
  • Genre Food
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In The Irish Cookbook, acclaimed chef Jp McMahon tells the story of Irish food, its unique culinary origins, migratory influences and the wild resources that make up the land. Eager to change the perception of Irish food just being associated with the potato and its subsequent famine, McMahon recounts Ireland’s remarkably rich food heritage which dates back millennia and celebrates the unique culinary culture of the island and the roots of its hearty flavours and warm hospitality.

Several years in the making, The Irish Cookbook is a comprehensive collection of 500 authentic home cooking recipes drawn from thousands of years of Irish food. The book celebrates the quality and variety of Irish ingredients, from the oysters and seaweed on its west coast to the beef and lamb from its lush pastures, to the wild forest food, berries and oats found throughout the island. Presenting best-loved traditional dishes alongside many lesser-known gems, the book explores every aspect of Irish home cooking including: soups, stews, potato dishes, pies, puddings, butters, curds, preserves, pickles, breads, drinks and spirits in one stunning package.

The Irish Cookbook by Jp McMahon is published by Phaidon on 28 February 2020

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