The Modern Kitchen by Tim Hayward

  • Publisher Quadrille
  • Genre Food and Social History
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Award winning food writer and broadcaster Tim Hayward broke new ground with his critically acclaimed and best-selling book Knife, combining social and design history in an emotional and entertainingly accessible style. Continuing his this journey, The Modern Kitchen features seventy pieces carefully chosen and examined – exploring the history, beauty, aesthetics, functionality of the things we choose to equip in our most individual and emotionally important space.

The kitchen is the heart of the home: a strange hybrid leisure and work space – where we feed ourselves, spend time as a family and entertain our friends. We fill our kitchens with objects and tools that reflect our needs, tastes and desires and there is nowhere else in daily domestic life where design impinges quite as much as it does in the kitchen. The beautiful graphic photography in this book showcases the items as artefacts – positioning them as items that deserve to be put on pedestals in museums, and not just the everyday objects that are so often overlooked.

As well as studying the individual objects that have had such an impact on the way we live now, The Modern Kitchen examines economics and gender politics of the kitchen through a series of essays. Embodying and expressing our class, gender, wealth and health, the home kitchen, its layout, set-up and contents, remains a neat illustration of our beliefs, tastes, aesthetics and aspirations and an instant portrait of our domestic lives. Hayward perfectly fuses anecdotes, history and humour to create a book that’s encyclopaedic in its breadth without being exhausting to read.

PUBLISHED: 1st November 2017

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