The Relation Between Us by Bo Bech

  • Publisher Bo Bech
  • Genre Food/Travel/Photography
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The Relation Between Us by Bo Bech

Published: January 2021

“A chef ’s cuisine is influenced by the experiences that particularly mark their careers. My meal at Geist is, without a doubt, one of those experiences (…) In this book you will understand why”

– Ferran Adrìa, Elbulli Foundation

In his third and most personal book Chef Bo Bech shares his experiences as a travelling chef with Leica at hand and a life journeying the world equipped with curiosity, gratitude and an abiding interest in people and their cultures. Over the past 15 years Bo Bech has taken over 50,000 photographs, in March 2020 when he found time for a pause Bo looked back at this collection of images and decided to publish this book. The photographic volume and cookbook The Relation Between Us shows us Bo Bech’s journeys through his own lens.

A man who’s travelled the globe, he is used to finding his way to a diverse variety of places: from Tokyo’s most elusive sushi restaurants to a temple in Bhutan; from the favela in Rio de Janeiro to a food market in Moscow. No matter where he travels, he brings his appetite, his love for food and his camera. And his sense of capturing the relation between us.

Combining photo reportage, journal notes,stories and recipes to inspire rather than dutifully follow, The Relation Between Us is a visual feast full of juxtapositions and spontaneity. Bo Bech takes us on a sensory tour of the world he has experienced: tasting and smelling, touching and hearing, and, most of all, seeing.

Rarely does Bo Bech come up with recipes in the kitchen. More often, the inspiration arises from the streets, in a view of Cuba, on a morning run in Shanghai, during travels. The volume’s recipes are similar in style to the photos; sensory and candid. Paying homage to few ingredients each, the recipes are created without strict rules and fuelled by the wish to accentuate the taste of the produce. It is a sanctuary for any lover of food.

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