The Really Quite Good British Cookbook

  • Publisher Watkins
  • Genre Food
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Showcasing the richness and creativity of Britain’s unique food culture, 100 of Britain’s best chefs, cooks, bakers and local food heroes have come together to share their favourite recipes and food stories in The Really Quite Good British Cookbook. The book presents a snapshot of contemporary food culture in Britain with a range of guest recipes from Michelin-starred chefs, home cooks and food writers to TV personalities, restauranteurs and photographers.

The book illustrates how a history of industry, resourcefulness and immigration in Britain have all combined to create a rich and diverse culinary creativity and this book illustrates how many British dishes actually originate from far flung places like India, China and Vietnam.

Illustrated by Sir Peter Blake, the book is a truly British compendium of the food that people love and want to share and make for the ones they love.  A portion of the proceeds from sales of this book will go to The Trussell Trust: one of the largest UK food bank networks, giving emergency food and support to people in crisis across the UK.

PUBLISHED: 9th March 2017

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