The Sportsman by Stephen Harris

  • Publisher Phaidon
  • Genre Food
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The Sportsman is the long awaited and debut food book from self-taught chef Stephen Harris who transformed what was once called a ‘grotty rundown pub by the sea’ on the coast in Kent into a Michelin-starred restaurant that has been named Britain’s number one.

The Sportsman uses the best ingredients available in the immediate land surrounding the pub and its seaside environs – the salt marsh lamb is sourced from the farm adjacent to the farm next door which supplies the pork; sea beet, sea purslane and gutweed is plundered from the shore and the salt is sourced from the grey sea that often peels the paint off the front of the seaside pub.

Showcasing 50 Sportsman classics, this book also tells the story of the pub’s journey to serving innovative regional cuisine and a cult following around the world. Stephen Harris’ own transformation is documented too, chronicling his journey from financial advisor to self-taught cook to world renowned chef with a reputation for his pared back style.

PUBLISHED: 25th September 2017

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