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Imaginative Tofu Recipes for Everyday

by Bonnie Chung

Published 2 September by Pavilion

Tofu Tasty is a new cookbook by Bonnie Chung with sixty imaginative and delicious tofu recipes for everyday. Reliable, versatile and essential, Bonnie Chung’s kitchen is never without tofu. It’s her go-to pantry saviour for so many last-minute dinners and she eats it almost every day in one of its many forms. Tofu has experienced a true renaissance in this new era of plant-based eating, as we search for more sustainable sources of protein. This is a really exciting time for tofu, and Bonnie shares recipes for cooking it with confidence, as well as suggestions for making different types of tofu from scratch.

In Tofu Tasty, Bonnie hopes to expand your tofu horizons, sharing with you the many different types and the multitude of ways in which you can cook it. You’ll find all of her favourite dishes, which will hopefully make their way, quickly and firmly, into your cooking repertoire.

All of the recipes are vegetarian to start with and some include twists that may include meat,
fish and other swaps, as you prefer. With over 60 vibrant recipes included from across Asia – picking the best from Japan, China and Korea – and other dishes of Bonnie’s own invention, if you have any preconceptions about what tofu is like, forget them… Start again with Tofu Tasty.

Bonnie Chung is the founder of the brand Miso Tasty, the UK’s first brand dedicated to miso. An award-winning entrepreneur and former food blogger, Bonnie has been dedicated to the research of miso for the last 5 years. Her Miso Tasty products are now available from over 1000 stores in the UK from Sainsbury’s to Selfridges, and more recently Miso Tasty has launched it’s own tofu range. In Tofu Tasty, Bonnie embraces both her love for Japanese cuisine as well as her own heritage in Chinese and Cantonese cooking. Bonnie is also the author of Miso Tasty: The Cookbook.

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